Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dragon's Crown

Over the past few weeks I have been playing Dragon's Crown on the PS-Vita. I really enjoy this game, the hand drawn graphics are amazing, as is the music. I have almost tried every character class, and my favorite two so far are the Wizard and the Elf Archer. The Wizard gives you some great visuals with the different spells he learns. Though not very strong in terms of close up combat, he works best in the back casting, as a Wizard should. The Elf is a great mix of martial combat and ranged, with a small amount of magic at her disposal. I haven't played with her as much, but I hope to level her up as much as my Wizard. Today I unlocked the online play and hope to play with some people. If you would like to play, send a friend request my way, Vicfalcon4.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Geek-tastic months

Oh boy my head is still spinning from all that has been going on. I have been busy folks, I do apologize for my hiatus. I was going to post about the Xbox one, but decided to wait for E3 to pass. Then I got distracted by awesome movies coming out, and I am finally once again employed which has taken a bit of my time.

First off my opinions of the Xbox One. I was impressed by its specs, less so by the functions they displayed initially. Then they tried to impose DRM and a mandatory online check-in every twenty-four hours. Since E3 they have taken those features away, not before trying to defend it though and practically calling the consumer stupid. First impressions are important in sales, they obviously forgot that.
Sony made some great announcements on how their system will be able to play used PS4 games, and that you will not need an internet connection or check in everyday. They also threw out some awesome games, and now I am even more excited. Destiny, Beyond, Transistor, so many I can hardly stand the wait, I want this system now.
Nintendo, though Wii U sales are not as high as they would like, is not out of the race. They have some great looking games coming, Super Smash Bros. I am excited to play as Mega Man. A game from the creators of Xenoblade, simply called "X" for now. I really need to get a 3DS too, I am most excited for the new Pokemon X and Y. I have played every single Pokemon game since the beginning, and I have loved all of them. I can not wait for the new generation to come, neither can my fiancee, we have been keeping up with all of the news.

And now movies, Pacific Rim is out and I think it is a lot of fun. Giant monsters and robot battles, how could I say no? I enjoyed the music, the action scenes were great, though the acting was sub-par that was not what I went to watch it for. I went for giant monsters fighting giant robots, and it delivered.

I also went to see Man of Steel. It was a good movie, though it had some inconsistencies and changes to story. One thing bothered me most though. When taken aboard the Kryptonian ship, he began having trouble breathing, and his powers went away. They said it was because the ships atmosphere. NO. Superman gets his powers from the rays of the yellow sun, not from the atmosphere he is in. He does not even have to breathe, which they even show in the movie a few times. Once while he was underwater for an undetermined amount of time, and he even went into the vacuum of space, twice. Things like that really stick with me, and make the experience less enjoyable.

Once again I apologize for not posting in a while, I will do my best to continue to geek out with you. Until next time folks.