Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer time at the movies

  Hello! I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer, or what ever season you might be in this time of year in your area. I hope you had a chance to see my last post, I know I said I would post more, but I recently moved to working over night full-time, it is a heck of a time adjusting.

  My Wife and I have recently decided to cut ties with the TV portion of our cable, now we just have internet and use Netflix and Crunchyroll. If you love anime you should have Chrunchyroll, it is amazing. It supports the anime industry and in turn the industry supports it. I am talking current episodes that have aired the day before in Japan, along with many, many other great shows. I have just started watching Toriko, it is a great mix of DBZ like action, in a world based entirely on food, these people love to eat as much as I do.
  I was able to see most of the movies on my list from my previous post, I will keep each of these brief.

  Amazing Spider-Man 2, I was very pleased with how they handled this movie, some people said it had too many villains, I disagree. Spider-Man is always fighting multiple villains at a time; it was not like he was fighting them all at the same time, each villain had their spotlight. I enjoyed every minute of it.

  Godzilla was also a fantastic homage to the old movies, it had its rough moments, a bit slow at times, but it got us to what was important. A monster show down that exceeded my expectations. For a while through the movie I was worried that they were not going to use his atomic breath, then the moment came and it was beautiful.

  X-Men: Days of Futures Past, I cannot express how disappointed I was in this movie, it had so much potential. They could have exploited so many avenues with new mutants, or ones that they have introduced in the past. It ended up being another Wolverine movie, do not get me wrong I love the character, but they needed to go another route with this. They sent him back to a point where he did not have his adamantium skeleton, making him useless against the sentinels. His part was minimal at best, they should have stuck to the comic story more. Further more they horribly weakened the powers of the mutants in the future.

  Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing, a perfect addition to the Marvel connected universe. Full of action to keep you on the edge of your seat, along with several "Wow!" moments to satisfy. There was so much witty banter between the characters I found myself laughing too hard, but I was not the only one. The chemistry between the actors was perfect, there were times where I felt as though they were playing off of each other and there was no script, and is was great. There were a lot of little extras in there as well, so keep your eyes peeled.

  Next to come out is the TMNT reboot movie, I am excited to see how they handled this.
Until next time.